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Are flying cars a thing of the future or present?

If you’ve haven’t noticed already there is a huge buzz around the latest innovation of futuristic technology – The world first flying car!

The Dutch engineered PAL-V Liberty is one of first commercially available flying cars. A production version is displayed at the Geneva Motor Show over in Switzerland, so if you’re a supercar fanatic then this is where you need to be this month!

This helicopter shape like motor drives with 2 compact wheels that can provide good support on the road and ideal for the air. But you may want to choose your plus one, as it only holds 2 passengers including the driver!

inside PAL-V

PAL-V specs

The design is primarily based on the classic style of an aircraft design, however, what makes this machine special, is that it includes a dual engine where one is used for the road, and the other for the air.

According to Dutch first Pal-V International, the Personal Air and Land Vehicle (Pal-V) can reach up to 112mph on the roads and in the sky.

Made up of carbon fibre, aluminium and titanium; this vehicle weighs 680kg and requires a 165-metre runway for take-off and 30 metres for landing

back PAL-V

Any drawbacks?

Gyrocopters still need a lot of room and momentum before take off, so there would definitely be issues in more densely populated areas. But it is still very early days, so there is bound to be more versions to the model in the future to come.

Our views

It’s a great invention! And as people are already accepting artificial intelligence into their everyday lifestyles through smart home devices to VR technologies, then flying cars is a must.

To get yourself ones of these, all you need now is a pilot’s license, a small airfield or airstrip for taking off and landing… oh and also £300,000 cash laying around!

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