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Hunter Wheel Alignment Services Lutterworth

Hunter Wheel Alignment Services in Lutterworth

Has your vehicle shown signs of uneven tyre wear? Steering pulling one way or the other? Steering wheel crooked when driving straight? Tyres squealing when pulling off? All of the above? All the signs point to the fact that your vehicle’s wheel alignment needs correcting.

Wheel alignment issues can be caused by a number of things, hitting a kerb or pothole can knock your wheels out of alignment and excessive wear to steering or suspension components can also have a negative effect on your vehicles wheel alignment as well.

Auto-Technik can help get you back on track with a full wheel alignment service using the latest Hunter wheel alignment technology.

What are the benefits of our Hunter Wheel Alignment Services?

Getting your wheel alignment checked can help save on costly repairs. We recommend getting your alignment checked out regularly to maximise the efficiency of your vehicle. Benefits include:

  • Reduced tyre wear
  • Improved vehicle handling
  • Reduced strain on suspension & steering components
  • Improve vehicle safety
  • Help improve fuel economy

Useful alignment terminology & what it means

When researching wheel alignment there are several key-terms to look out for and come the day of your service, you might come across the following phrases. To make life a little easier we have compiled explanations for the following:

  • Toe-in: This is where the front tyres are both angled inwards pointing forward.
  • Toe-out: Used to describe front tyres angling outwardly
  • Positive camber: Tyres are angled in at the point of contact with the road surface
  • Negative camber: The tyre shows signed of being “splayed” outwards at the point of road contact
  • At AutoTechnik we can help correct the above issues to ensure that your car not only performs at it’s best but to reduce the adverse effects that they can have on your tyres’ and components’ lifespan.

Book your wheel alignment with Autotechnik today!

Call AutoTechnik and get your vehicle booked in with one of our qualified technicians today. We have the latest Hunter technology at our disposal so we can give your vehicle a comprehensive alignment service.


Typical problems

Uneven Tyre-Wear

Steering Pulls To One Side

Steering Wheel Offset

Poor Handling

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