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BMW vs. Mercedes: Which should you buy?

Which car brand do you think of when you hear the word luxury? Is it BMW, Audi or is it the Mercedes. All of these brands have come a long way over the years and have evolved to produce spectacular engineered vehicles with the user in mind.

It’s quite apparent that nearly every luxury brand is forever racing one another other, in the fight to provide the ultimate driving experience for their customers.

And it’s no surprise; the automotive industry is getting more and more competitive with the struggle to stay on trend with the latest technological advancements.

But which brand is actually the best for you?

We’ll give you the breakdown of the driving experience, special features and price points for the two frontrunners in the automotive industry, BMW and Mercedes.



bmw steering wheel

Slogan: The ultimate driving machine

Rear wheel drive:

BMW’s are renowned for manufacturing cars with the driver in mind. The most popular range is the 3 series saloon and touring estate models, which are practical, well built and comfortable to drive.


As soon as you enter a BMW car, you are instantly greeted with an array of control options all perfectly angled to the driver seat.

Sat Nav:

When the first BMW iDrive system was launched in 2001, it received a lot of criticism, mainly due to the complexity and poor user experience. Since then, the system has been tweaked and has improved vastly to become one of the most intuitive and user-friendly sat navs on the market.


An entry level 3 door BMW 1 series in the hatchback edition will cost you around £20,000. Some may also prefer the MINI, which sits in at a starting price of around £14,000.

Most exclusive model:

This would have to be the BMW i8. Claiming to be the sports care of the future, the BMW i8 has an iconic design, boasting a turbocharged 3-cylinder engine which can get you from 0 to 62mph in just 4.4 seconds!



steering-wheel mercedes

Slogan: The Best or Nothing

Driving experience:

Mercedes are huge advocates for a relaxing driving experience. They offer a certain degree of comfort, which you just can’t get from a BMW or an Audi.


The minimalistic dashboard has all you could need, including ‘comfort’ features such as the ‘Hold’ function. This allows you to relax with your feet off the pedals whilst you are waiting in traffic.


The Mercedes A-class price starts at around £20,000, which is more of a basic range.

Most exclusive model:

There are a few models that would fit in this category, but the S-class Coupe is one of the most exclusive models. If you’re planning on picking this model then be sure to have at least £100,000 lying around in your wallet!


The Final Verdict

True to their slogan, BMW do design and build their automobiles specifically for the driver. From the moment you get in into the car you have immediate access to the cutting edge dashboard features and the ingenious iDrive Sat Nav system. So if you are looking for ‘the ultimate driving experience’ then the BMW is the one for you.

However, if you prefer the no-fuss driving environment and complete luxury and relaxation, then the Mercedes would be ideal.


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