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What are the benefits of having my wheels aligned?

There are many benefits of getting all four wheels of your vehicle aligned correctly, however, its an often overlooked aspect of vehicle maintenance and as a result many drivers underestimate the importance of getting their wheel alignment checked on a regular basis. Over time the tracking and alignment of your wheels can vary through standard wear and tear, to counter this the Autotechnik team thought they’d compile this handy guide to emphasise the benefits of getting your wheels aligned correctly and regularly.

Improvement in tyre lifespan

If your wheel alignment is off, the first hint that you will be able to tell something is wrong will be increased or uneven tyre wear. An unaligned wheel will show more wear around the shoulder rather than in the centre of the wheel and as a result, your tyre tread is likely to fall below the lawful requirements quicker than usual; meaning that replacement will be necessary.

Driving with heavily worn tyres can be highly dangerous as the reduced grip can be a hazard in wet weather resulting in reduced braking ability and the increased chances of a puncture which could lead to a tyre blowout.  

We recommend that before you replace your tyres that you check your wheel alignment to get the maximum return from your new tyres.

Better fuel economy

If you’re driving with incorrectly aligned wheels then your grip is going to be reduced, as a result, your engine is going to have to work harder to drive in a forward motion resulting in increased fuel consumption and more money spent on refuelling.

A correct alignment will result in increased grip on the road reducing the demand on your car’ engine and as a result, reduce the need to refuel as often.

Reduces wear and tear on suspension

If your wheels are incorrectly aligned you could be putting increased strain on parts of your vehicle’s suspension, leaving it susceptible to damage from uneven road surfaces. This can lead to a hefty repair bill.

Getting your wheels correctly aligned can help minimise the risk of damage to your vehicle’s suspension due to imperfections in the road surface like potholes etc.  

At Autotechnik we can offer a full wheel alignment service using the latest Hunter wheel alignment technology. Book in with one of our expert technicians today to ensure that your vehicle is performing at its best. Contact us or pay us a visit.

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