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Understanding What Your Car Is Telling You

Communication between machines and human beings is a particularly tricky concept. It is not like vehicles can convey thoughts and feelings or that there’s something wrong that needs to be looked at urgently. However, if you know the signs to look out for, identifying issues with your vehicle can become a lot easier, and believe it or not, cars do have some (subtle and not so subtle) ways of letting you know that something is wrong!

Slapping noises increasing with speed

This is a sound that you should definitely take note of! This usually means that your tyre has expired or is about to! More often than not this will involve the tread becoming separated from the carcass and potentially causing massive damage to the bodywork as it spiral outwards and off of the wheel. If you hear the tell-tale signs pull over, do not keep driving.

Squealing noises

If tapping your brakes whilst moving at speed results in a sound reminiscent of a wild boar fighting than your brake pads have probably worn away, exposing the metal underneath. You should check your vehicle in to get it looked at ASAP. If after squealing, things become slightly more grinding sounding, then there’s a good chance the pad is now gone and the metal plate is grinding against the brake disc. Not only is the car dangerous now, due to its reduced braking ability, but also the repair bill is going to be more as metal grinding on metal never usually results in good things!

Flashing lights and different coloured lights

Taking a minute to familiarise yourself with your vehicle’s handbook will explain most of the lights on your dash and their meanings. Some dash lights that remain on (Example: your full beam light) are simply there to indicate that the components are switched on and functioning as they should. Other lights might convey a message that all is not well. The colour and whether the light is flashing or not is a good indicator of the severity of the problem. If for example, the light is red and flashing, it is usually a sign that you should pull over immediately and seek assistance.

Engine warning light

If the engine warning light ever comes on then ignoring it is not an option. Providing it is not red or flashing you might be able to drive to the nearest mechanic to get assistance. If it is red or flashing however then pulling over as soon as it is safe to do so and call for assistance to avoid lasting damage to the engine.

If you have any concerns with your vehicle, if you’ve recently noticed a strange noise emanating from under the bonnet or your dashboard has a new illumination that wasn’t there previously, then pay Auto-Technik a visit or call us today and one of our expert technicians will be glad to assist.

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