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Top summer maintenance tips for your BMW

Summer months can be great for family day outs, especially with the summer holidays starting across England. But this constant blazing weather and high temperatures can affect your BMW from running smoothly.

Whether you are planning to head to the coast, or cross-country driving, make sure you carry out these simple checks to avoid any issues and breakdowns.

1: Tyres

Before you head out on a long drive, it’s always important to make sure all your tyres are inflated to the BMW recommended pressure.

Driving with under-inflated, misaligned and worn tyres can be dangerous to drive, especially in the hotter weathers, as tire pressure can increase due to high temperatures.

2: Battery

Excessive heat levels can shorten the life of a vehicle’s battery, so it’s important to have the components checked and inspected properly.

It’s also a good idea to keep your battery clean from dirt, oil and corrosion, as this can obstruct the flow of electricity.

Keeping your battery clean will not only help it to last longer, but you can also save a lot of money by avoiding repairs.

3: Air conditioning

Your A/C system is probably the most essential feature when driving in the summer months. The trick to keeping your air conditioning system working seamlessly is to continuously use it. This helps prevent the build-up of mould and bacteria in the filter.

4: Brakes

Before you set out on a long drive, it’s always best to check your brakes. Any signs of pulsations, grabbing or resistant braking suggests that you need to see your local BMW repair shop straight away.

Worn and fault brakes can put you and your family at risk, so always get them seen by a professional if you suspect anything.

5: Fluids

Low coolant levels and damaged belts can cause your car to overheat and some cases breakdown. This is why it is important to always check if the coolant levels need topping up and whilst you are there, check the windshield washer fluid too.

6: Air filter

Did you know, a clogged air filter could lower your fuel efficiency? Changing your filter regularly can improve the performance and durability of your engine.

It’s also worth considering replacing the interior air filter to ensure your passengers are breathing in clean in whilst in the car.

7: Oil

Lengthy journeys can overheat the engine, which is why it is important to check your oil levels before you leave. Depending on the model of your BMW, your vehicle will alert you via the dashboard when it is due for an oil change.

8: Emergency roadside kit

No matter the weather or season you are driving in, you must always carry an emergency roadside kit, as you never know when you would break down. The more prepared you are, the better it is for you. Carrying items such as a mobile charger, drinking water, battery booster cables, tire pressure gauge and repair kit, would be handy to use whilst you are waiting for further assistance.

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