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Preparing Your Car for Winter – Top Tips

We all may have embraced the winter chills this year but is your car ready for this season?

As we get deeper into the winter season, you’ll start to notice you are spending a good few minutes in the morning de-icing your car, or waiting inside your home, as your car warms up. We’ve put together our top tips on what you need to do to ensure your car is kept in top conditions over the winter months. 

Maintaining the Car Battery

If your car refuses to start on a cold day, the most likely cause of this is the car battery. As more vehicles are now demanding electricity, it is important to ensure you battery is in working order. 

Often cold temperatures can affect the chemicals inside the battery, causing the battery to slow down and lower its ability to hold power. It may be worth checking your battery on regular intervals, especially if your vehicle is old.

Check Antifreeze levels

Antifreeze is also commonly known as coolant and it helps to stop the water inside your engine’s cooling system from freezing, especially during the colder months. The antifreeze is designed to keep your engine running smoothly and prevent rust formation on the gaskets.

It’s a good idea to check the antifreeze levels in your car and top up when necessary and also spot any potential leaks as early as possible.

Headlights check

Since the clocks have gone forward, most of us are having to do the daily commute from work in the dark. This is why you need to ensure your lights are in the best condition at all times to aid visibility when you are driving and to keep you safe on the roads.

It’s always best to check all your lights before you set off in the morning to make sure they are in working order. If you notice your headlights flickering or dull, you may need to get them repaired.

Dashboard warning lights

Many people choose to ignore the dashboard warning lights as they don’t understand what they mean. But the warning lights is your car telling you there is something not completely right with the car. 

So, if you do start to notice any lights flashing on your dashboard, it’s best to get it checked out as soon as possible. The last thing you’d want is to spend your Christmas break without being able to drive your car. 

Is your car due a service?

Car servicing is important all year round and it is usually recommended every 12 months. Every car is different, so it’s best to check your vehicle handbook for the recommended vehicle schedule. 

A car service ensures your car is performing at its best and it is safe to drive on the road.

Check Tyre Condition and Wheel Alignment

Your tyres are what is keeping you safe on the road – along with sensible driving of course! It is essential to ensure they are in working order and meet the legal tyre tread depth limit.

If you notice wear and tear on your tyres or feel as though the steering is pulling one way or another then you need to consider wheel alignment.

At Autotechnik, we offer Hunter Wheel Alignment services to help maximise the efficiency of your car and keep you safe on the roads. Using our latest wheel alignment technology, we can get you back on the road following a full wheel alignment service. 

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