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How to survive winter with rear-wheel drives!

Rear wheel drive cars such as BMWs are notorious for being the worst to drive in wintery conditions.

Rear wheels drive cars struggle for traction because they don’t carry the same amount of weight compared to a front or all-wheel drive cars. The loss of traction is what causes those dreaded tire spins and the feeling of not having control of your vehicle, which can all be quite daunting if you are experiencing this for the first time.

Fishtailing is also quite common with rear wheel drive cars. This happens when the rear end of the car skids to one side during acceleration, usually on conditions such as ice, water and snow. To reduce the risk of the car fishtailing, it’s highly recommended to drive at a lower speed, and avoid any harsh and sudden braking when driving.

So instead of packing your BMW away until next April, check out our top tips and tricks to keep your vehicle going throughout the season.

Before driving tips –

  • Make sure your boot is packed with all the winter essentials, such as ice scraper, de-icer, warm clothing etc, you never know when they may come in use!
  • Rear wheel drive cars are known for getting stuck in heaps of snow, so it is worth carrying a shovel or salt bags to melt the snow, especially if you are driving for a long period of time
  • Consider investing in winter tyres to increase the traction and grip
  • Check all tyre pressures and get a full wheel alignment
  • Always clear any build-up of snow from the top roof of the car

Behind the wheel –

  • Allow plenty of time to reach your destination as you will need to drive slower than usual in icy conditions
  • Give your car enough time to warm up before you drive
  • Keeping a full tank will also help with extra weight over the rear wheels in order to improve the traction
  • Avoid routes where you are likely to drive up/down hills in slippery conditions

Whether you are driving a front wheel drive car or rear wheel, it is always important to take full precaution when driving in adverse weather conditions. Speak to our specialist technicians for more tips and advice!

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