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Do I need new tyres for a wheel alignment?

Firstly, it’s important to establish what exactly wheel alignment is. In short, it is the adjustment or measurements of the different components that make up the steering and suspension to comply with the specification of the vehicle manufacturer. This is mostly done to increase the performance, handling as well as the comfort and stability of the vehicle, and proper wheel alignment can help reduce uneven tyre wear.

How do wheels become unaligned?

Your vehicle’s wheels will become unaligned over time with the standard wear and tear of the road. Hitting potholes and kerbs can jar your wheels out of alignment and excessive wear to your vehicles suspension components can also have an effect on your wheel alignment. 

How can I tell if my wheels need aligning?

The most obvious sign that your wheels need aligning is that your tyres will show signs of wear unevenly. depending on where the tyre wear shows is an indicator as to whether your wheels are toeing-in (wear predominantly on the outer shoulder of the tyre) or toeing-out (wear on the inner shoulder). Also If the car pulls to the left or right whilst driving or breaking. If this is the case depending on the level of wear on the tyres you may need to replace the tyres.

Likewise, if you are replacing your vehicle’s tyres, then having your wheels properly aligned beforehand is a good idea to prolong the life of the new tyres.

What are the benefits of having my wheels aligned?

Aside from prolonging the life of your tyres, having your wheels correctly aligned can improve your cars fuel efficiency (as your car isn’t working harder to propel you forward) a smoother ride, and improved vehicle safety.

At Autotechnik we are Hunter wheel alignment specialists. Using the latest alignment technology we will give your vehicle a thorough check over and service, meaning you can drive away satisfied and safely. Contact AutoTechnik to book your wheel alignment today!

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