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BMW’s electric vision of the future!

For those of you who are motor fanatics, will know that the Frankfurt Motor show in September unveiled the new BMW i5, with i-vision dynamics.

Although electric cars have been manufactured since the early as the mid-19th century, BMW has always been at the forefront of this futuristic concept.

BMW has huge plans to creating more electric vehicles in the future. Company chairman, Harald Krueger said ‘By 2025, we will offer 25 electrified vehicles, with 12 being fully electric”.


bmw i8

The BMW i vision dynamics range boasts a range of 373 miles with a top speed of over 120mph.

The design of the vehicle is very sleek with its dynamic elegance and contoured surfaces. The most eye-catching features are the L-Shaped rear lights with its slim cut design. The style and elements of the car are designed to stand apart from the mainstream BMW vehicles, making it truly something special to look out for.

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By the time the i5 arrives in showrooms across the world, BMW will be established as one of the major players in electric car manufacturing. They also have the largest range of hybrid models that are currently available. Having already sold over 100,000 electrified cars worldwide, they are setting the boundaries quite high with this latest model.

So watch this space!

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