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Big driving changes you need to know about in 2018!

There’s a whole new set of driving-related laws coming into effect this year, so we’ve picked out a few top changes that will affect most drivers in the UK, especially if you are a frequent driver on the motorway.

It’s always best to stay in the know of any driving related changes, or else you could be in for a surprise bill!

MOT updates

From May 2018 MOT tests are becoming more strict with diesel cars as they will need to pass a series of categories before the car can leave the test centre. In addition to this, the test will now categories defects as Minor, Major or Dangerous.

Drivers that receive a Major or Dangerous fault will automatically fail the MOT test.

Learner drivers on motorways

Although driving on motorways is not part of the UK driving test, learner drivers will be allowed to drive on motorways from June 2018. This is to encourage learner drivers to learn how to safely drive on the motorway networks.

Smart motorway penalties

With Smart Motorways being rolled out across the UK Motorway network including sections of M1, M4, M5 M6 and M42; it will now be an offence to use the hard shoulder lane, unless the lane has been opened due to congestion or an accident. Also drivers who ignore the red ‘X’ signs above closed lanes will be given a £100 fine, plus three penalty points.

Changes to Practical driving tests

Last year we saw a change in the driving tests with a number of elements being dropped and some new ones added, including 10 minutes of independent driving with no instructions; following a sat nav directions and reverse parking into a parking bay.

Car tax for diesel cars

A tax increase in coming into force for newly registered diesel cars to help reduce air pollution in the country. If any diesel car fails to meet the pre-determined emission standard, then drivers could face high fees. Fortunately, this inflation does not affect existing cars.

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