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5 warning signs that your BMW brakes need urgent attention!

Not just with BMW’s, but with any car, your braking apparatus is a crucial part to your braking system.

Think about it. Your car weighs at least 2000 pounds and in order to stop that kind of weight, with often short distances applied from high speeds, you need a secure and fully-functional braking system.

 Total brake failure can be a very rare occurrence without warnings being sent and indicated to the driver. Brakes and the car itself produces several ways to express an issue and if you experience or see these warnings, make sure you book a BMW repair appointment straight away.

Soft Brake Pedal

Do you need to apply more force to your brake pedal in order to get a result? Does your pedal feel like it is closer to the floor than it used to be?

This can be an indication of your brake pads becoming worn out at an excelled rate. This could be the result of air being trapped within your brake lines or possibly a brake fluid leak which will need urgent attention and you must seek professional assistance.

Brake Pedal Vibration 

If you have needed to operate a hard break/ emergency brake and you feel like your brake is feeling loose and unstable, then it may be due to warped brakes.

This is dangerous as it can increase the stopping time and will take your BMW longer to come to a halt.

Your rotors purpose is to attain your brake pads, allowing your vehicle to gradually slow down. If they produce a large quantity of heat, this can result into your rotors being warped and reducing the level of productivity with your overall braking power.


If you are experiencing the force of your car attempting to go either left or right while putting on the brakes then your brakes may have produced an uneven amount of wear on its pads.

While this circumstance can be down to a control issue within the system, this needs to be addressed and could result in a more serious case if not resolved.

ABS Indicator Light

 Seeing blinking lights on your dashboard? Don’t ignore this.

Your indicator lights let you know if a problem has occurred with areas such as your electrical system, engine, alternator etc.

If your ABS system light comes up, head to a specialist straight away and allow them to connect your car to the correct systems before an accident occurs.  

Grinding/screeching sounds

The most noticeable warning sign you will receive is when you attempt to put the brakes on and you are invited by a screeching sound. This will occur due to your brake pads condition becoming poor and worn through the material, grinding the metal which results in your brakes braking ability to be extremely limited.

How to find a specialist

Never ignore the warning signs as these problems will only continue to become worse and more dangerous for you and any passengers.

If you are in need of assistance of a BMW brake repair service then come and see our BMW specialists today at Auto Technik.

We specialise in BMW repairs, servicing and MOT and deliver 100% satisfaction.

Contact our specialists today to request a consultation and repair your BMW by the experts.  

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