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5 Essentials Car Checks You Need To Do

When it comes to your car maintenance it’s important that regularly check your vehicle to prevent any defects and to make sure you’re it’s in its full working order. 

Don’t wait for your next yearly MOT to find any faults, regularly follow this checklist to ensure your car is working soundly.

Check that your wheels are aligned 

Daily wear and tear can cause your vehicle’s wheels to become unaligned, bumping your car, driving over potholes and kerbs can all cause your wheels to fall out of place. As this can be a common fault it is important to recognise when this happens.  

The first sign you will notice when your wheels become unaligned is that your car will start to repeatedly pull in a direction when driving and whilst breaking. As soon as you notice this fault it is important that you check your tyres, if you see uneven marks on the tyres then you should have your car’s wheel alignment checked over and serviced. 

Book your car in for hunter wheel alignment here. 

Check your windscreen wipers

It is the law that your vehicle is required to have a working screen wash system and windscreen wipers. Over time the dirt that collects on your windscreen, if unattended, can restrict your view, causing you to be a danger to yourself and other drivers on the road. 

Make sure that your screenwash is working accordingly by checking the wash levels and topping them up regularly. Ensure that you top up your screenwash with high-quality products that will prevent it from freezing up in cold weather. 

It is also a good idea to regularly check the condition of the windscreen. As soon as you see a chip or mark in the glass, get it serviced right away to prevent any further cracking. 

Test your lights

Checking your lights is really simple and quick to do. Occasionally test all of your car lights while in a stationary position and check that they are operating and working accordingly to your signals. make sure you cover the following. 

  • Headlights
  • Indicators
  • Reversing lights
  • Fog Lights
  • Brake Lights


Monitor your brakes

If you notice a screeching sound whilst the brakes on your vehicle are in use, then you need to get them repaired at your local garage if you’re unsure of what the sound is. You may also notice a delay in your braking pads. You should never take any risks when it comes to your car’s braking mechanics as your brakes are a vital preventative measure for safe motoring. 


Check your air filter

If you hear unusual engine sounds and increased fuel consumption then the likelihood is that your air filter needs changing. There are more telltale signs that your air filters need cleaning, these include:

  • Lack of horsepower in acceleration
  • Sharp jerking movements when accelerating and breaking
  • Black smoke released from the engine
  • The smell of gasoline and engine in your car


You should never ignore any warning signs from your car, doing so will put yourself and others around you at risk. 

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I was referred to Auto Technik about 2 years ago and have been bringing my 325i to them ever since. Trustworthiness and professionalism are of utmost importance when selecting someone to do business with – the servicing of my cars is no exception.

Wez and his team have always demonstrated trustworthiness, professionalism and knowledge of the issues pertaining to my 325i. Over the course of 2 years, I have completed a variety of service issues including brakes, tune-up, regular oil changes, thermostat, radiator and more. In each case, I found Wez and his team to successfully diagnose and service my repair needs in a timely and efficient manner.

Wish I could find a way to describe how great my car feels each time I drive away from Auto Technik! No matter why I brought my car in, I always leave feeling like the entire car was serviced.

I recently had my vehicle serviced at Auto Technik BMW and MINI Specialists in Leicester and found the overall experience rather brilliant. I have had numerous BMW’s and been to many ‘BMW and MINI Specialists’ across the midlands but I found these to be particularly professional and thorough.

The pricing was unbelievably competitive and they advised me on all the extra items my car needed after carrying out a FREE Diagnostic Check.

The one thing I found unique about them was they offered me a Collection & Delivery service. My BMW was collected from work at 09:30 and returned; Diagnosed, Serviced and Valeted before my lunch break!

In a nutshell the service was superb, the staff were courteous and professional and they offered a service that was “outside of the box” with both the service and the collection & delivery which would benefit anyone with a BMW that needed any work doing to it.

I would highly recommend them to all who need their BMW or MINI serviced.

Thanks again for the excellent job you did in repairing my BMW. It’s running better than ever.

I really appreciate the professional way in which you conduct your business. Your years of experience definitely show. I’ll be back!

I wanted to thank you for providing excellent service during my two recent visits with my 2000 BMW M-coupe. It was refreshing to be able to leave my car in “good hands” with an obviously well trained BMW mechanic and know that all the service will be handled in a very professional manner

george B

5.0 *****


Top garage

Great customer service, professional and helpful, recommend highly


5.0 *****


Five Star*****

Great experience at Autotechnik – Easy transaction with no pressure. Great communications and a real pleasure to buy from. Stefan made buying our new BMW X5 a pleasure and took the time to answer all our questions and queries about the vehicle. Good follow up to check all was OK and that we were satisfied with our purchase.


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Totally professional

Bought a vehicle which then developed a fault. Autotechnik couldn’t have been more helpful. Car was taken back courtesy car provided and regular updates on the work being carried out. The staff were always helpful and polite, and nothing was to much trouble. Especially professional during this difficult time faced by all.


5.0 *****


Top quality service

Autotechnik are, by some distance, the best independent dealer I have used. Buying my third Mini , it is evident that these guys are in a different league. They are clearly very knowledgeable about Mini and BMW, and the whole experience of the sales process was smooth, honest and professional. Details matter, and things like a follow-up phone call a few days after buying are a nice touch. I would highly recommend them.